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Porcelain Bird - Baby Blue

Porcelain Bird - Baby Blue

Upon first glance at the Porcelain Bird, most people underestimate this bird vase and relegate her to the traditional end of the spectrum. But don't let the Porcelain Bird modern baby blue vase fool you, she is one of the most widely loved vases in We Quirky history.

So spectacular in modern matte baby blue to work with your décor and make those flowers pop. The Porcelain Bird has a larger hole on her backside that you can use to fill her with water and there are five small holes along her breast that you can fill up with flowers.

If you really want to push her to be a modern blue vase, throw in some itty bitty air plants! The end result leaves a lush landscape for her to rest in. This bird vase is fully glazed inside so it won't leak.

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