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Mini Glass Bottles With Matches

Mini Glass Bottles With Matches

Small Safety Matches in Apothecary Glass Bottle(50pcs)
Store your matches in a rustic chic way with this vintage glass jar. No need to stow away your matches, this jar is cute enough to leave out as decoration.
Wishing bottle, Use your imagine ability,these cute mini size vials could become a special gift to your friends or family.
Such as necklace, perfume bottle, pendant, message bottles, samples, spell jars,blood vials, wedding gifts, wedding decorations, storage accessories.
Ideal for wedding decoration, home and garden decoration, baby shower decoration and other party decorations.

Product name: Bottled matches
Size: glass bottle size (including stopper): diameter: 5.6CM height: 11CM, single match length: about 6.5CM (a bottle contains about 50 pieces)
Material: Dashan wood + environmentally friendly match head
To use: Dab the side scales
Uses: Lighting candles, sandalwood, mosquito coils, cigarettes, cigars

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